Author: laure Leclercq

  • This startup has raised $31m to turn wood into glass

    Woodoo repurposes dead wood into new advanced materials to replace glass, leather and steel.

  • Resurrect dead wood into glass, leather, and steel replacements

    With its latest funding round, the company’s founder and CEO, Timothée Boitouzet, is hoping to replace carbon-intensive building materials with a lower carbon, abundant, and affordable alternative: wood.

  • Woodoo is creating decarbonized wood-based materials

    Woodoo, a startup working on alternative materials for various industries, has raised $31 million in funding.

  • Woodoo raises $31 million, led by Chris Sacca’s Lowercarbon Capital

    Woodoo turn low-grade and diseased wood into premium high-tech materials, which can then be used to make surfaces and panels, as well as items for luxury goods.

  • $31 million raised by Woodoo

    The funds raised will first of all enable the company to multiply its production capacity by five. (“We have just acquired a second industrial site in Troyes, which brings our production capacity to 14,000 m² per year,” emphasizes the director.)

  • Woodoo is raising funds with Lowercarbon Capital

    After the luxury goods and automotive industries, Woodoo is going to use its invention in the construction sector.

  • Fundraising announcement

    Timothée Boitouzet, president of Woodoo, spoke to Good Morning Business about his $31 million fundraising and his challenge to enter the automotive and construction sectors. (in french)

  • Woodoo useS discarded wood as a construction material

    Woodoo’s technology takes low-grade and even discarded wood products and uses its proprietary engineering platform to transform them into premium high-tech materials.

  • Woodoo enters construction market

    Woodoo—a French biomaterials startup transforming low-grade wood into high-performance, low-environmental impact materials—has raised funds in a round led by Lowercarbon Capital

  • the start-up that created an “augmented” wood

    The startup announced a $31 million fundraising. After the luxury and automotive industries, it will use its invention for the construction sector.