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  • Our super wood for construction

    Les Échos is presenting ou “super wood” in its last edition.

  • Briefing Sifted / Construction Tech 2.0

    Get ready for a construction industry shake-up that’s beyond exciting! The latest update from Sifted showcases the proof of Construction Tech 2.0’s momentum. We’re proud to be part of this briefing, highlighting the most promising Construction Tech.

  • French Tech 2030 au coeur de la forêt Auboise

    Chez Woodoo, nous enracinons l’innovation au cœur de la forêt auboise, portant un projet prometteur pour le territoire. Soutenus par la French Tech 2030, nous faisons grandir la forêt tout en redonnant vie à des bois délaissés et inutilisés.

  • Our biomaterials are like climate detectives

    Our biomaterials are like climate detectives – we keep tabs on their impact regularly.That’s why we were so excited to embark on the RACE (Rapid Acceleration of Climate Entrepreneurs) pilot program. It allowed us to model and assess our carbon efficiency in various scenarios before making decision.Get ready for a future loaded with game-changing biomaterials!…

  • Augmented wood material for construction

    Entreprendre Mag article details how we’re inventing the wood of the future to revolutionise the construction sector. (in french)


    We are delighted and very proud to be one of the 125 winners (out of more than 1,000!) of the French Tech 2030 programme. With the support of the Ministers for Industry and Digital Transition, we are working with this fine group to promote decarbonation and reindustrialisation.

  • This startup has raised $31m to turn wood into glass

    Woodoo repurposes dead wood into new advanced materials to replace glass, leather and steel.

  • Resurrect dead wood into glass, leather, and steel replacements

    With its latest funding round, the company’s founder and CEO, Timothée Boitouzet, is hoping to replace carbon-intensive building materials with a lower carbon, abundant, and affordable alternative: wood.

  • Woodoo is creating decarbonized wood-based materials

    Woodoo, a startup working on alternative materials for various industries, has raised $31 million in funding.

  • Woodoo raises $31 million, led by Chris Sacca’s Lowercarbon Capital

    Woodoo turn low-grade and diseased wood into premium high-tech materials, which can then be used to make surfaces and panels, as well as items for luxury goods.