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  • ville à partir de notre matériau SOLID, le future de la construction

    “Augmented Wood”, the Future of Construction?

    Absolutely. That’s our conviction. Why, you ask ? Well, our founder, Timothée Boitouzet, makes it clear : SOLID is the no-brainer of construction materials. Picture this : “On one hand you have a super emissive material that is non-renewable,” “And on the other you have a material that has stored CO2 and it grows next…

  • Our super wood for construction

    Les Échos is presenting our “super wood” in its last edition.

  • Briefing Sifted / Construction Tech 2.0

    Get ready for a construction industry shake-up that’s beyond exciting! The latest update from Sifted showcases the proof of Construction Tech 2.0’s momentum. We’re proud to be part of this briefing, highlighting the most promising Construction Tech.

  • French Tech 2030 au coeur de la forêt Auboise

    Chez Woodoo, nous enracinons l’innovation au cœur de la forêt auboise, portant un projet prometteur pour le territoire. Soutenus par la French Tech 2030, nous faisons grandir la forêt tout en redonnant vie à des bois délaissés et inutilisés.

  • Our biomaterials are like climate detectives

    Our biomaterials are like climate detectives – we keep tabs on their impact regularly.That’s why we were so excited to embark on the RACE (Rapid Acceleration of Climate Entrepreneurs) pilot program. It allowed us to model and assess our carbon efficiency in various scenarios before making decision.Get ready for a future loaded with game-changing biomaterials!…

  • Circular and sustainable wood

    Our CEO presented our circular and sustainable wood in BSMART. In particular, he explained how our company is an initiative to manage forests sustainably.

  • High tech wood-based materials

    France 3 visited our latest factory in eastern France to follow our production process for high-tech wood-based materials.

  • Past and future materials

    Around the world, the houses of the future are being built. Researchers and architects are developing building materials that are not only much more environmentally friendly, but could even be used to repair climate change. (in french)

  • Augmented wood material for construction

    Entreprendre Mag article details how we’re inventing the wood of the future to revolutionise the construction sector. (in french)


    We are delighted and very proud to be one of the 125 winners (out of more than 1,000!) of the French Tech 2030 programme. With the support of the Ministers for Industry and Digital Transition, we are working with this fine group to promote decarbonation and reindustrialisation.

  • Recruitment at Woodoo

    Timothée Boitouzet presents Woodoo’s latest innovations and current recruitment.

  • This startup has raised $31m to turn wood into glass

    Woodoo repurposes dead wood into new advanced materials to replace glass, leather and steel.

  • Resurrect dead wood into glass, leather, and steel replacements

    With its latest funding round, the company’s founder and CEO, Timothée Boitouzet, is hoping to replace carbon-intensive building materials with a lower carbon, abundant, and affordable alternative: wood.

  • Woodoo is creating decarbonized wood-based materials

    Woodoo, a startup working on alternative materials for various industries, has raised $31 million in funding.

  • Woodoo raises $31 million, led by Chris Sacca’s Lowercarbon Capital

    Woodoo turn low-grade and diseased wood into premium high-tech materials, which can then be used to make surfaces and panels, as well as items for luxury goods.

  • $31 million raised by Woodoo

    The funds raised will first of all enable the company to multiply its production capacity by five. (“We have just acquired a second industrial site in Troyes, which brings our production capacity to 14,000 m² per year,” emphasizes the director.)

  • Production development

    Woodoo expand production and finalize its research work for their innovative materials made from wood.

  • Woodoo is raising funds with Lowercarbon Capital

    After the luxury goods and automotive industries, Woodoo is going to use its invention in the construction sector.

  • Fundraising announcement

    Timothée Boitouzet, president of Woodoo, spoke to Good Morning Business about his $31 million fundraising and his challenge to enter the automotive and construction sectors. (in french)

  • Woodoo takes it to the next level

    After having created augmented wood six years ago, the start-up has raised $31 million to support its industrialization.

  • Wooden materials

    To create its materials, Woodoo has implemented a process that overcomes the inherent constraints of wood to offer the transparency of glass, the flexibility of leather and the strength of steel.

  • Woodoo useS discarded wood as a construction material

    Woodoo’s technology takes low-grade and even discarded wood products and uses its proprietary engineering platform to transform them into premium high-tech materials.

  • Woodoo enters construction market

    Woodoo—a French biomaterials startup transforming low-grade wood into high-performance, low-environmental impact materials—has raised funds in a round led by Lowercarbon Capital

  • the start-up that created an “augmented” wood

    The startup announced a $31 million fundraising. After the luxury and automotive industries, it will use its invention for the construction sector.

  • Alternative Materials for a decarbonised world

    Woodoo, a startup that turns wood into an alternative to leather, glass, concrete and steel, announced the closing of its first round of funding, led by Lowercarbon Capital, a multi-billion dollar Climate Tech fund.

  • Wooden biomaterials in la french tech

    The start-up, which specializes in the transformation of materials, embodies the rebound of French tech on a global scale. (in french)

  • Woodoo builds the future of wood

    Biotechnology startup Woodoo has closed a round to support their mission to unlock a new industrial age.

  • Silhouette of construction workers and a crane

    Biomaterials for sustainable construction

    In its latest article, Les Echos Magazine presents Woodoo as one of the innovative solutions that will lead to a revolution in the future of sustainable construction (article in french).

  • One minute to innovate

    “Une minute pour innover”

    Brut visited us in Troyes to interview Timothée Boitouzet, CEO of Woodoo. A chronicle to discover in the program “Une minute pour innover” broadcasted on France 2. (video in french)

  • Le bois, une alternative durable au secteur de la construction

    Wood, a sustainable alternative for the construction sector

    Presentation of our materials by Anthony Morel and Sandra Gandoin in the “Culture Geek” column on BFM Business. (video in french)

  • JEC Composites Startup Booster, 3 years later

    JEC Composites Startup Booster, 3 years later

    In 2019, Woodoo was awarded by the JEC Composites Startup Booster. Discover the interview of Timothée Boitouzet 3 years later on JEC Web TV. Startup Booster helped us create strategic partnerships with some of our current partners. (video in french)

  • Viva Technology presents our innovative Woodoo applications

    Viva Technology presents our innovative applications

    Our digital augmented wood solutions are presented in Vivatech 15′ by VivaTech journalist and host Asha Sumputh and Tech Radar journalist Alexis Mulard.

  • Photo of a forest from the sky

    Wood with superpowers

    Discover the story of Woodoo in this Timber Pioneers article. With the Woodoo solutions, Timothée Boitouzet strive to change the world by enabling its transition to sustainable solutions, to win the fight for decarbonation and against climate change.

  • “Choiseul Ville de Demain” 2022

    Business immo media highlights Timothée Boitouzet as laureate of the 2022 “Choiseul Ville De Demain” ranking. A pioneer in decarbonised wood-based materials the architect, turned chemist, is inventing the building materials of tomorrow (article in french).

  • La Journée des bioproduits

    World BioEconomy Forum X Woodoo

    Bioproduct Day is a celebration of all bioproducts that, like us, contribute to the wider goal of environmental sustainability and climate action. All answers are in Nature! Discover the interview of our CEO Timothée Boitouzet by Mark Rushton.

  • Once transformed, our augmented wood obtains new properties. It is stronger than traditional wood and becomes translucent. This article from the French Ministry of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty presents the genesis of our project and the various applications of our biomaterials.

    The new properties of Woodoo materials

    Once transformed, our augmented wood obtains new properties. It is stronger than traditional wood and becomes translucent. This article from the French Ministry of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty presents our genesis and the various applications of our biomaterials.(article in french)

  • Un matériau durable pour la construction

    A sustainable material for construction

    In its May newsletter, the Uruguayan Wood Industry Association (ADIMAU) presents our low-carbon bio-based building materials (article in Spanish).

  • Wood can do

    Wood can do

    The German Ministry quotes Woodoo in the framework of the project “Wood Charter 2.0”. The information brochure “Wood can do” presents several solutions that play an important role in the green economy of tomorrow. (article in german)

  • MSM highlights our latest material innovations in the dossier “Materials of today and tomorrow” in its latest issue.MSM met en avant nos dernières innovations matériaux dans le dossier “matériaux actuel et du futur” de son dernier numéro.

    A material of today and tomorrow

    MSM highlights our latest material innovations in the dossier “Materials of today and tomorrow” in its latest issue.(article in french)

  • Augmented wood, an alternative for sustainable construction

    Augmented wood, an alternative for sustainable construction

    The Madera 21 association looks back at the creation of Woodoo. It presents our different families of materials and our innovative digital applications covered with augmented wood. (article in Spanish)

  • Timothée Boitouzet

    The 21st century is about getting back to nature

    Decarbonization of the industry, return to nature… Discover the video report of Government.fr, the website of the French Government, on Woodoo’s biomaterials, on our process and vision for the industry (video in french).

  • Developments of translucent wood in design and retail

    Translucent wood in design and retail

    When they are transformed, our augmented wood sheets become translucent. Their various digital applications such as JASPR, our Wooden screen Wall, and LIGHTR, our wooden wall panel, can be used for interior design and retail. Dagen Industri explains new innovations of translucent wood.

  • Our augmented wood is transformed at the molecular level to become a translucent and more resistant material.

    Augmented wood, transformed at the molecular level

    This Science & Vie article explains how our augmented wood is transformed at the molecular level to become a translucent and more resistant material. This sustainable material replaces the emissive materials traditionally used in the construction industry (article in french).

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